Regina music box (music box)
In 1892, The Regina Music Box Company was created. These music boxes worked on the principal of a rotating perforated metal disc rotating over a set of fine tuned combs and dampers. The Regina Sublima found in the Museé has a 20 ¾ inch music plate. This model was first produced in 1899 (this machine being serial number 20975) having a long running movement, two large combs with 130 tongues, tuned in chromatic scale. To quote the Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by Q. David Bowers, “Regina music boxes of the 20 ¾ inch disk size were first made in 1897. The general scarcity of 20 ¾ inch instruments is unfortunate today. Collectors consider the size to be one of Regina’s best. The tonal quality is generally very excellent – often better than that found on the larger 27 inch styles.”
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